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French furniture: Styles
Decorations of furniture / Materials
Stamps of Cabinet-makers masters at the XVth century and their typical furniture

French Furniture Styles
40-60 XX century

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Objets décoratifs

Just before the war the diversity of creation parallelled the activity of architects such as Pierre Chareau and Le Corbusier whose style developed over the following 20 years and influenced the new way of living.

Charlotte Perriand adapted her style and impose new forms.

Giacometti introduced artist's furniture.

Well-known decorators such as Gilbert Poillerat, Jean-Charles Moreux and Marc Duplantier imposed the 40's style which brought back ornementation and good quality furniture produced in small quantity before the era of mass production and standardisation. A neo classical tendancy could be seen in the work of A. Arbus, J.M. Rotschild, J. Quinet and J.M. Franck.

Another trend was a naturalistic inspired baroque shown in the creations of G. Poillerat, S. Roche, J. Royere and Line Vautrin. From 1950 foreign pieces of furniture were available in Paris from Knoll.

Then came the precursors of mass production : S. Mouille, Charlotte Periand, P. Paulin, C. Eames and Prouvé who lead the way to contemporary and plastic art.

Materials : polished wood, oak, ceruse, sycamore, stainless steel tubes, aluminium, parchment, plaster, straw, rattan.

Furniture : pursuit of good quality furniture with the accent on aesthetics and comfort.