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French furniture: Styles
Decorations of furniture / Materials
Stamps of Cabinet-makers masters at the XVth century and their typical furniture

French Furniture Styles

LOUIS XIV - XVII century
Louis XIV 1638 - 1643 - 1715

Cliquez sur le meuble souhaité

fauteuils, chaises, tabourets

Tables, Bureaux


Bibliothèques, buffets

Objets décoratifs

The Sun King imposed magnificence.

Jean-Charles Lebrun was in charge of the royal Gobelin works from 1667. Jean Berain followed him, introducing a lighter style. André-Charles Boulle created revolutionary marquetry : alternated effects of metal on pairs of items : coper, pewter, even silver, tnted tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl. This technique was widely copied especially under Napoleon III. Art at Versailles was in all its glory with its decorators and cabinets-makers.

Macé, Sommer, Poitou, Pierre Gole, Cucci, Alexandre Oppenordt, Levasseur.

Furniture : the commode appeared at the end of the XVII century and became very fashionable. The vord "console" was used. The bureau plat replaced the Mazarin bureau with its eight legs. Chairs were varied, ranging from the high-backed padded armchair to the stool. Legs were figural, baluster, claw.

Mirrors, chandelier, candelabra became more common, the cabinet arrived from Italy.

Materials : sculptured, veneered, inlaid : ebony and precious woods were imported to Paris, pear and natural woods were used in the provinces.

Types of decoration : the sun was the royal emblem. The fleur-de-lis remained. Faces of gods, bearded fauns, nymphs, goddesses, allegories, arabesques, cornucopia, foliage abounded. Gilded bronze decoration was popular.